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The goal of this newsletter is simple: To share all the interesting articles I read. Not all articles will appeal to you, but if even one article does, then it's seen as a success. This list will probably concentrate a little more on business/entrepreneurial related topics, however they will also include topics on science, life, sports, humor, and anything I think is worth sharing. These articles don't necessarily promote any of my opinions, however they are presented for the purpose of opening your mind and getting the conversation started. It's perfectly okay, actually preferred, to have an opinion. It is not okay to force your opinions on others. If you approach life with an open mind and open heart, you'll begin to notice the numerous wonders and fascinating wisdoms it holds.
If there are any interesting articles that you come across and think I might find interesting, please email them to me. If chosen as something I think others would be interested in as well, it will be included in the newsletter with your name (and twitter ID) attached. Your feedback is always welcomed and appreciated. 
Just remember, Scientia Potentia Est. Google it, ya n00b.

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FAIR WARNING: Shaz also uses this list to promote his ventures with a section called "Selfish Shaz." Although that's not the true intention of this email list, he enjoys letting people know what's on his mind and what he's up to. You will have every unforgiving opportunity to unsubscribe at your own will.

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